This site is my personal web design playground and my primary presence on the internet. I'm a father, a software and web developer, a tabletop/board/video gamer, a lindy hopper, a lover of all things science fiction, and an all-around geek. I originally wrote the php code that runs this blog in 2004, but since that time social media has supplanted a lot of what used to be here. I retain this site mainly for my blog archive, since social media isn't generally good about archival.

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Recently played: Sentinels of the Multiverse, Borderlands 2, Transistor, Rogue Legacy, and Beyond: Two Souls
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  • Comment on The Flash, by Greg: Iris: They\'ll prolong the relationship as long as they can, since they\'ve kind of s
  • Comment on The Flash, by Ngewo: So now that I know you watched the finale... Where do you think they will go with
  • Comment on The Flash, by Greg: I did not, but I may have watched the last two episodes back-to-back and forgot which
  • Comment on The Flash, by ngewo: I feel like you did the same thing as me. Did you watch the episode with Captain Cold
  • Comment on Kingswood Cottage, by Ngewo: Congrats on the house! Looks great, hope to see pics of the inside.
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Robot Uprisings, by Daniel H Wilson

Robot Uprisings

Robot Uprisings was a good compilation. As is always the case, not every story was great, but many were. I especially enjoyed the stories from Cory Doctorow and Scott Sigler.

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Magicians Land, by Lev Grossman

Magicians Land
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