The GoogleNet?

Tuesday, September 20th 2005


Rumors are bouncing around the net about Google becoming the world's largest ISP. Can you imagine a company offering Wi-Fi access to everyone in America? If anyone can do it, Google can.

Speculators also speculate that google has technology capable of targeting advertising to a user's precise location - a creepy prospect that I can easily imagine may spark fears similar to those that led to Google Web Accellerator's cancellation.

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Comment Wednesday, September 21st 2005 by tagger
This is certainly something to keep an eye on, but if you're having heartburn about Google being able to target your location, then consider, for a moment, your cell phone.

I've been told that all newer phones incorporate some sort of GPS capability. That means the cops can find your phone, which probably means they can find you. Even if you don't have a GPS, if your phone is on the phone company can track your phone from cell to cell as you travel. Just about _any_ wireless network has to be able to keep track of which device is where, so Google wouldn't be doing anything special.

Now you have another reason why I've held on to my 8-year-old phone (scroll down to Number 4 at for all these years. It has no GPS, it doesn't take pictures, I don't use it to get to the Web and I've never sent a text message from it. I just use it to make phone calls. Imagine that.

Sally the Lawyer tells me that "soon" (whatever that means) phone providers such as Verizon and Sprint will require you to have GPS-capable phones in order to use their networks. When that day comes, I see a $30 pay-as-you-go cell phone in my future.
Comment Wednesday, September 21st 2005 by Greg
Wow - good article. I just wasted way too much time on that.
Comment Friday, September 23rd 2005 by pmd
If you scroll down to #3, I had one of those... not just a walkman, but that model which is what made the walkman popular in the first place. That yellow/orange button on the top was connected to an internal microphone which would allow you hear people talking around you... a kinda useless feature
Comment Monday, September 26th 2005 by tagger
Cool! I know PMD also had a TRS-80.

I still have a #99 Swingline 747 stapler (not the red one), #81 Zippo lighter and a #64 P-38 can opener (those came in the "C" Rations box).

We had a TV with a #2 "Space Command" remote until the mid-1980s. Junked it when everything turned blue.

Some of the things on the list aren't really rare (the 747 stapler is still made), and I suppose everyone (my age, at least) has owned a #98 (PEZ Dispenser) and a #89 (Rubik's Cube) at one time or another.

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