This is my wishlist. I used to keep wishlists on lots of different sites, but they got cumbersome. I wrote this one myself. It's simple, flexible, and I control it. You aren't able to remove anything yourself should you buy me anything, since had I made that possible I'd have griefers emptying my list. But when I get a gift, I remove it manually here.

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Constellation Games

by Leonard Richardson

recommended by a friend

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Golden Son

Second book in a series I'm reading

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HD DVD Tee Shirt

Such a cool tee shirt

Dark Grey, size L or XL

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Off to Be the Wizard, by Scott Meyer

Recommended by a coworker

Looks fun

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Pilgrimage by Matthew Wayne Selznick

The follow-up to Brave Men Run

A novel I caught in podiobook form

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Reflex, by Steven Gould

The sequel to “Jumper”

The first book was great.

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Revenge Tee Shirt (XL)

A great tee shirt

Dinosaurs getting revenge against those damned asteroids

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Sleeping Giants

This book has been nominated for awards.

It sounds good.

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The Aeronaut's Windlass

A book by an author I enjoy

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The Light of Other Days

An Arthur C Clarke Book

When privacy vanishes, humanity changes forever

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Too Like The Lightning, by Ada Palmer

This book sounds super interesting

Added after I read this review.

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Underground Airlines, by Ben Winters

Award-nominated alternate history book.

Sounds good.