The Infinity Stones

Friday, July 22nd 2016

Infinity War

My household is rewatching the MCU movies. As we've done so, I've been thinking more about The Infinity Gems, Thanos, and what's next.

So which Infinity Gems have we seen so far? There's The Tesseract, which is apparently The Space Stone. It creates portals from one place to another, and can apparently grant omnipresence. Not sure how that would work, exactly. It's currently being held in Asgard. Then, we've got Loki's scepter stone, which looks to be The Mind Stone. It's what allowed Loki to control Hawkeye's mind and those of so many others. It's currently in The Vision's forehead. Maybe it is his mind?

Next up, The Aether, from the second Thor film. This looks to be The Reality Stone, which apparently grants wishes. That seems... strong. At the end of that movie, they dropped it off with The Collector. Lastly, the stone from Guardians of The Galaxy, which is The Power Stone. It ended that movie held by The Nova Corps.

It seems only logical to assume that Thanos already has at least one Infinity Gem. Heck - he gave The Mind Stone to Loki at the outset of The Avengers. So I'm going to guess that Thanos already has The Soul Gem and The Time Gem.

The Soul Gem allows him to manipulate and steal souls, and steal others' abilities. This stone is apparently sentient and has a hunger for souls. Sounds baad.

The Time Gem would allow Thanos some pretty interesting shenanigans in getting the other gems, and that's probably where they'll go with Infinity War. It would let him see the future, stop time, and time travel to change history. Yikes.

I believe they're planning on including not only all the current MCU characters in the Infinity War films, but also new ones we haven't yet seen. Just imagine Carol Danvers hanging with Black Widow, Adam Warlock with Vision, and Spider-Man making comments about Rocket Raccoon.

Lots of info gleaned from Wikipedia.

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