2011 Podcast Roundup

Friday, April 22nd 2011

Although I no longer have the one-hour commute that I once did when I drove from Cañon City to Colorado Springs every day, or the two hour commute that I drove previously from Brewster, New York to Hartford, I am in the car a good half-hour each way to and from work, and when I'm not using my nifty bluetooth headset to chat with someone, I listen to podcasts.

It got hard to keep up with the number of podcasts I'd accrued during those long commutes, and so many have fallen off. But here are the podcasts I'm currently into.

I'm also infrequently listening to the Critical Hits and Going Last podcasts for D&D stuff and for some reason I'm still listening to Slice of Sci Fi, which despite the fact that they've reduced advertising is no longer nearly as good as it used to be. I'll probably drop that one.

Any other really good podcasts that I should check out?

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