The Movies of 2012: Tripletake

Monday, January 9th 2012

I've taken a look at the upcoming movies of 2012 not once, but twice now. But somehow, there are still movies I've overlooked. I've discovered a few more that look intriguing, so I figured I'd share here.

As an aside, I'm now realizing that I need to read The Hunger Games before March 23rd or else my wife is likely to go to the movies without me. They'll almost certainly screw up the film version, and I prefer not to have the surprises in what's likely a great book spoiled for me by an inferior film.

The first movie I want to talk about is Chronicle. It's a "found footage" movie, like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield, but rather than stalker witches or urban monsters, this one's about three teenaged friends getting super powers. One gets telekinesis, one gets flight, and one becomes invulnerable. Sounds potentially good. There's a trailer here for the movie, due out February 3rd.

Sometimes the premise of a movie is so over-the-top ridiculous that you've got to love it. Take for example, moon Nazis. That's the premise of Iron Sky, in which groups of Nazis secretly fled to the moon at the end of World War 2. In 2018, having built up their fleet, they return in force.

Nazis always make good villains, and if this is done well the movie could be some good ridiculous fun in April. Iron Sky Trailer

Lockout is a film that could be hit or miss. There's a lot of cliche here, and potential for cheese. Government agent convicted of a crime he didn't commit blah blah blah rescue the president's daughter from a prison in outer space. I'll read the reviews before I buy my tickets on April 20th. Lock-Out Trailer

I'm interested in Looper, primarily because it's a time travel movie that seems like it might have more brains than TimeCop. (ohh, TimeCop, you're such a terrible movie)

The synopsis doesn't include much info, but from what I gather the main character works for a mob, and his job is to kill people who come from the future. Probably to prevent changes to the timeline. But one time, he goes to kill a time traveler and recognises an older version of himself. And he hesitates, and lets himself live.

There are a lot of places this could go. It could be interesting, or might stink. All depends on the writing. I'm hopeful. See Looper on September 28th. Looper Trailer

I heard about Gravity quite a while ago, when there were two movies vying for the same name. The one in which I'd been more interested has been renamed G, which is a horrible name. It's painfully difficult to search for any title that's only a single letter. There's no word about the movie G, in which gravity begins to go away, but the movie that won the name Gravity is slated for November 21st.

In Gravity, two astronauts are stranded on a space station after a meteor impact and fight to survive. The premise is so generic that the movie will completely be made or wrecked based on the writing and acting. Gravity Trailer

Lastly, a movie that I can't find much info on. It sounds interesting though. Cloud Atlas will star Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon and Hugh Grant. I'm hoping that the awesomeness of Tom Hanks and Hugo Weaving can make up for the fact that Hugh Grant is in there. It's directed by the Wachowskis, and apparently interweaves six stories and has a sci-fi futuristic edge, jumping from the 1850s to the dystopian future. Characters apparently switch roles and even gender. I'm so confused about this one that I don't know what to say. But it's supposed to come out in 2012, so hopefully we get more info soon.

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