Daft Punk

Friday, March 28th 2014

You know how I said that maybe once or twice a year I discover a new band and grab up their entire back catalog? Well, it looks like I've found another one. Daft Punk. I've been listening to them like crazy at work.

Daft PunkI'll admit to having discovered them via the Pharrel Williams track Get Lucky, which gets so much play all over that you've likely heard it. Before that, I may have heard of the band, and I'd almost certainly heard Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger somewhere, but I'd never paid too much attention. If someone had told me that the band was composed of disco robots however, I may have paid more attention.

I love this cheezy, faux-cool aspect. They're effing disco robots. That's got to be the best thing I've heard. Anyway, the music is electronic, but a lot of it sounds to me like it was heavily influenced by disco. Their song Touch sounds a bit like it's sung by a young David Bowie. My favorites include Instant Crush and Motherboard, although the video for Lose Yourself to Dance that incorporates footage from Soul Train is pretty amazing.

I'll fully admit that many of their songs get repetitive and annoying, or include sound effects that are flat-out hard to listen to. I typically skip those. But for every stinker in their collection, there's a gem. Check out the videos.

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